Research projects

This page shows the research projects that are currently running or previously carried out within VEC, or involving VEC members.  The links lead to more information about each project.  


Research projects


2013-2016CROMMmore info
2009-2013IMMAmore info
2008-2009Digital Albertmore info
2006-20094D Ergonomicsmore info
2003-2006ViPP (Simulation for Manufacturing Engineering)more info
2001-2004VERDI (Virtual Ergonomics Design Integration)more info
2000-2003Manikinprojektet (Datormanikiner som verktyg vid utveckling och utvärdering av organisation och lokalanvändning)more info
1999-2001Cupola, International Space Station (ISS)more info
1998-2000Volvo Buses Case Study, within the COPE programme (Cooperative for Optimization of Productivity and Ergonomics in Production Systems) more info
1997-2000ANNIE (Application of Neural Networks for Integration of Ergonomics)more info

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