The Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology (P2T) Research Group

The main focus of the physiology, pharmacology and toxicology (P2T) group is to study factors and organs involved in coordinating and maintaining internal environment in cells, organs or entire organism in a stable and constant condition (homeostasis). To study biological processes in humans, animals and plants the ongoing projects include many advanced modern techniques directly related to physiology, pharmacology or toxicology. The P2T group is composed of researchers with multidisciplinary competence in physiology, pharmacology, genetics, molecular biology, medical and plant biotechnology, chemistry, bioinformatics, computer science and mathematics. The research includes clinical studies or techniques forming a holistic approach to the individual as well as the surrounding environment.

Research projects within pharmacology focuses mainly on characterizing the use of different substances and their medical and toxicological influence in humans in a multi-ethnic perspective. They also deal with characterization of pathological conditions at the level of cells and organ as well as the whole individual, aiming at the development of new methods for treatments.

The P2T group also includes plant biotechnology projects where plants are used for production of biorisk-free pharmaceutical compounds in an environmental friendly system. Other plant projects involve generation of healthy food and feed suitable for growth in detrimental environments, or with improved tolerance to climate changes. 

The Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology research group consists of the following researchers:


Dennis Larsson (Associate Professor in Biomedicine)
Abul Mandal (Professor in Molecular Biology)
Kjell-Ove Holmström (Assistant Professor in Molecular Biology)
Viktoria Johansson (Assistant Professor in Biomedicine)
Dan Lundh (Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics)
Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg (Professor in Physiology)

PhD student

Noor Nahar  (PhD student in molecular biology)
Linda Johansson (PhD student in physiology)

Associated members:

Hans Hedelin  (Professor in medicine, Skövde Hospital)

Uppdaterad: 2010-10-01


Dan Lundh
Assitant Professor 
0500 - 448315