The Infection Biology Research Group

The research of the Infection Biology Research Group focuses on the development and use of mathematical models to understand biological processes at different levels. A special focus is put on the area of infection biology (including microbiology and immunology). In the projects theory and mathematical modeling is often combined with laboratory experiments that generate data or quantify parameters.

The group has received funding from The Knowledge Foundation and other funding organizations. Several research projects have been carried out as a part of the national PhD programme in medical bioinformatics hosted by Karolinska Institutet. Other collaborators are Cellartis, Eurofins, Unilabs, Skaraborg Hospital, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Örebro University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Center for Industrial Mathematics, InNetics AB and Contur Software.

The main competencies of the research group are:

  • Microbiology

  • Immunology

  • Systems biology

  • Mathematical modeling

The Infection Biology Research Group consists of the following researchers:

Research Leaders
Andreas Jansson, Erik Gustafsson

Associate professors
Patric Nilsson, Mikael Ejdebäck

Assistant professors

Anna-Karin Pernestig, Magnus Fagerlind, Maria Algerin, Diana Karlsson, Mikael Harlén, Stefan Karlsson

Jane Synnergren, Barbar Kuppers-Munther


Heléne Lindholm
Henrik Ericson


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