The Ecological Modeling Research Group

The research of the Ecological Modeling Research Group focuses on the use of mathematical models and computer simulations to understand complex ecological and evolutionary systems. In particular, the group seeks to advance the theory and practice of modeling of ecological network for decision making. Specific applied problems of concern for society, such as identification of critical structures in (i) animal farm networks for the spread of infectious animal diseases or (ii) identification of key stone species or interactions in ecosystems for the robustness of ecological communities, as well as methodological aspects (development of new modeling approaches) are considered. The overall aim is to develop ecological models that advances our understanding of ecological and evolutionary systems and that are useful for obtaining good foundations for decision making.
The main research activities of the group are within the following areas:
• The spread of animal infectious diseases in animal farm networks
• Swedish animal transport systems and animal welfare
• Artificial neural networks in the study of evolution
• Understanding the decline of Arctic char in Lake Vättern using a combination of empirical studies and mathematical modeling
• Ecology of freshwater mussels (Unionoida) and their suitability as bioindicators for detecting harmful chemicals in freshwater ecosystems.
• Ecological community risk assessment: new tools for assessing the robustness of ecological communities to biodiversity change.
• Information fusion in precision agriculture for real-time nitrogen application

The group has received funding from Formas, Djurskyddsmyndigheten (), KBM (Krisberedskapsmyndigheten), Agro Väst AB, KK-stiftelsen, and the McDonnel Foundation (via UC Berkeley). The research is being carried out in collaboration with among others Linköping University, SLU (Swedish University of agriculture and forestry), Sveriges Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt (Swedich Veterinary Institute), University of California at Berkeley, Darmstadt Technische Universität (Germany), Sheffield University (UK), Rockefeller University (NY USA) and University College Cork (Ireland).

The Ecological Modelling Research Group consists of the following researchers:


Noél Holmgren

Associate Professor 

Tomas Jonsson

Assistant Professor 

Annie Jonsson
Niclas Norrström

PhD student  

Jenny Lennartsson
Malin Setzer
Lina Nolin
Sofia Berg
Nina Håkansson

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Tomas Jonsson
Associate Professor 
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