Tumor Biology

Biomedicine is a new area where medicine and biology have come together to support research from “bench to bedside”. Tumor Biology is an important field of research in Biomedicine.

In the Tumor biology research group we work with a number of cancer forms to address specific questions in cancer development. The research activities in the research group have become more and more oriented towards a systems biology approach, i.e. to design, implement and analyze high-throughput screens in different cellular conditions. Our research, therefore, is performed in close collaboration with the Bioinformatics research group to implement bioinformatics methods and algorithms in analysis of molecular data.


Examples of ongoing research topics:

  • Analysis of gene expression data in endometrial cancer.
  • Genomic aberrations in endometrial cancer
  • MiRNA signature in endometrial and prostate cancer
  • eQTL analysis of susceptibility data in an experimental tumor model for endometrial cancer
  • Molecular biology of malign melanoma and colorectal cancer
  • Identification of molecular markers for diagnosis and prognosis of cancer with the main focus of novel tumor suppressor genes
  • Immunological intervention of endometrial cancer
  • Correlation between bull fertility and miRNA signature of the sperm – Prediction of Bull Fertility


Our is research is supported by:

  • Knowledge Foundation
  • Åke-Wiberg Foundation
  • Svenska Läkarsällskapet (Swedish Society of Medicine)
  • Erik Philip-Sörensens stiftelse
  • Cancerfonden (via collaboration)
  • Nilsson-Ehle Foundation
  • Assar-Gabrielsson Foundation
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital Foundation
  • Gunvor and Ivan Svensson Foundation



  • Örebro University
  • Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
  • University of Linköping
  • Private company TATAA Biocenter
  • Private company MultiD


The research group:


Karin Klinga Levan

Afrouz Behboudi


PhD students

Eva Falk

Jasmine Lööf

Sanja Jurcevic

Benjamin Ulfenborg

Kittichate Visuttijai


Lab Technician

Karin Lilja

Helen Lindholm


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Sidansvarig: Afrouz Behboudi


Karin-Klinga Levan