The Systems Biology Research Centre

The Systems Biology Research Centre was established at the University of Skövde in 2007. The centre encompasses five research groups active in the area of systems biology, united by a common goal of studying the relationships and interactions between various parts of complex biological systems. The systems being studied range from the molecular and cellular levels (biomedicine, infection biology, bioinformatics, physiology), to populations of individuals (theoretical ecology).

What is Systems Biology?

Systems biology is a multi-disciplinary research field where information from different levels of detail is integrated, with the aim of understanding the function of complex biological systems. We develop and apply methods within bioinformatics and mathematical modeling for studies of such systems in infection biology, bioinformatics, theoretical ecology and biomedicine.

Who we are

The five research groups that participate in the Research Centre are:

The purpose of joining these groups was to stimulate a unified approach to the study of function, regulation and dynamics in complex biological systems. We believe that this will result in development of methods and communication interphases will be developed not only to the benefit of the centre, but also to other interdisciplinary researchers nationally and internationally.

The research and its organization

Within the Centre we perform both fundamental and applied research in near cooperation with the business community and with a high degree of national as well as international external financing. Many of our projects are joint efforts between the research groups in the Centre. In addition, we have extensive national and international collaborations, which enable us to identify and involve additional research competences and resources when needed. Our projects are of high international priority since serious human medical conditions, the spread of infectious animal and human diseases, and sustainable management of natural resources are included among our research topics. Briefly, our research projects concern scientific tasks such as:

  • cancer susceptibility, evolution and progression
  • host–pathogen/parasite evolution and interaction
  • regulatory systems in cells
  • development of new algorithms for bioinformatic analysis
  • management and sustainable harvesting of natural resources.

Due to the complexity of the interactions and mechanisms involved, many of these problems can be more efficiently addressed by integrating empirical biological research with computational analysis and mathematical modeling. For the future, the vision of the Systems Biology Research Centre at the University of Skövde is to be a leading environment for research and post-graduate education, internationally as well as nationally, within the Systems Biology scientific area. In addition, we aim to develop the Systems Biology concept and apply it in new areas together with our industry partners, through an ongoing dialogue concerning commercialization and development of practical applications based on our research results.

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Björn Olsson
Associate professor in Bioinformatics