The Information Systems Research Group

The Information Systems research group is focused on development and use of IT systems for supplying informatino to organisations. The group seeks to advance the theory and practice of business and information systems development. Both organisational and technical aspects are considered, and the goal is to achieve information systems of high quality and which fulfil the needs of their users.

The group's research is organised according to the following areas:

  1. E-services: identification, development, use, and refinement of e-services for both private and public organisations. A user perspective is applied, for example concerning how e-service users can be included in the development process.
  2. Business modelling: is focused on business modelling practices, emphazising effects in different contexts (such as business development and requirements engineering in systems development, planning and execution of modelling, and competence with modelling practitioners).
  3. E-health: a process-oriented perspective with the patient in focus gives research that aims to support both healthcare staff and patients, e.g. in access to patient data records, sharing of patient information between different caregivers, and how IT can be used to support healthcare processes.
  4. Information security: is focused on administrative information security and on a process-oriented viewpoint. Information security is successfully combined with e-health.

In addition, the group is building competence and research within business intelligence.

Uppdaterad: 2013-02-04


Anne Persson
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