REWERSE, REasoning on the WEb with Rules and Semantics, is a four-year (2004-2008) research network founded by the EU-Commission and Switzerland. 

The purpose of REWERSE is to strengthen research and research education in Europe concerning rule support for the next generation of web-based systems. REWERSE targets rule support for the semantic web. REWERSE involves 27 European research and industry organisations from 14 European countries and about 100 computer science researchers and professionals.

The EU Commission and Switzerland will support REWERSE with more than 5 million Euro over 4 years. Out of these funds, Högskolan i Skövde will receive 31 000 Euro.

Högskolan i Skövde participates with its knowledge concerning active rules technology and bioinformatics.

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For more information, contact Mikael Berndtsson

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