The Software Systems Research Group

The mission of the Software Systems Research Group is to advance theory and practice in socio-technical issues in the use and development of software systems. Its remit encompasses methods, models and tools for all stages of the software systems life-cycle. It is dedicated to:

  • Fostering innovative, industrially relevant socio-technical research in the software systems domain,
  • Working with companies and public sector organisations to improve practice in the use and development of software systems,
  • Educating the next generation of researchers and practitioners in advanced software technologies.

Its research is focussed on: distributed, open source and inner source development processes; software development assets and asset interchange; open architectures and open standards.

The Group has an ongoing collaboration with several internationally leading research groups in the area of Software Systems and Open Source, and one of its members is also a founder of the academic working group on “Open Source Software”, as defined by IFIP: Information Federation for Information Processing, in IFIP Working Group 2.13 ( Further, the group has established strong links with the Swedish and European Open Source Industry, as one of its members is the founding and acting chair of the Swedish industrial Open Source association, Open Source Sweden (, and also a fellow in Open Forum Academy (, which is an international think tank with a broad aim to examine openness in computing. 

Selected projects:

  • The EU FP6 CALIBRE-project (2004-2006) – Co-ordination Action for Libre Software Engineering of Open Development Platforms for Software and Services – (
  • The ITEA-project COSI (2006-2009) – Co-development using inner & Open source in Software Intensive products – (
  • The ITEA-project MoSiS (2008-2011) - Model-driven development of highly configurable embedded Software-intensive Systems – (
  • The KKS-project O.S.A. (2008-2010) - Open Source Action in Swedish Organisations - (
  • The KKS-project ORIOS (2012-2015) - Open software Reference Implementations for Open Standards - (

During the CALIBRE-project, we undertook a major research effort and established strong links with European research and practice in the Open Source area. We also organised more than ten industrial conferences and workshops on Open Source in Europe, in cities such as Genua, Hague, Madrid, Paris, and Skövde. The CALIBRE project was lead by Prof. Brian Fitzgerald, University of Limerick, LERO (an Irish National competence centre), with whom we have an ongoing collaboration. The CALIBRE-research team represented “the leading authorities on open source in Europe, or indeed worldwide” (LinuxWorld Australia, 2004-09-08).

During the COSI-project we investigate the Open Source development model, with a specific emphasis on its potential for adoption in the embedded systems industry, which is a major area for European and Swedish software industry. The COSI-project is lead by Frank van der Linden, Philips Medical and represents several key industrial and academic players in Europe.

During the MOSIS-project our focus is on introducing and evolving Model Driven Development in industrial settings. The MOSIS-project is lead by Hans Petter Dahle, ICT-Norway. 

During the O.S.A.-project our focus is on knowledge improvement within organisations in order to increase competitiveness and health within the Swedish OSS ecosystem. The collaborative research project involves the University of Skövde, Combitech AB, SSAB Oxelösund and TeliaSonera AB. The project is lead by Björn Lundell, University of Skövde, and it is finacially supported by the Knowledge Foundation.

The members of the Software Systems Research Group are the following:


Björn Lundell (group coordinator)
Brian Lings (affiliated)
Henrik Gustavsson
Jonas Gamalielsson
Thomas Fischer

Industrial researcher

Anders Mattsson

Other members

Jakob Ahlin

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Björn Lundell
Associate Professor