An international research and practice workshop:

Distributed Development, Open Source & Industry – Opportunities, Suspicions & Strategies


International CALIBRE Workshop
3rd March 2006, University of Skövde


Distributed Development (DD) of software is an issue of increasing significance for organizations today, particularly given the current trend towards globalization. However, proven methods for successful DD have not yet been formulated, and there is need for a better understanding and transfer of lessons within the systems development sector.

Open Source/Libre Software is a multi-faceted phenomenon, representing a radical change of perspective for both software engineering and business models of software development and deployment. Unlike commercial software, open source/libre software is freely available and may be extended, improved and distributed under a licence which protects its open source/libre status. The open source movement has recently become a more business-friendly and hybrid concept.

Industry needs to be proactive and well informed to improve their performance in an increasingly competitive environment. Distributed and Open Source Development have much in common and each can potentially gain very useful lessons from the other. Further, industry increasingly supports practical development because of a shared interest in successful products.

Opportunities with Distributed and OSS Development must be considered by management and employees in companies, as they strive to improve their work practices, take advantage of potential partnerships and perhaps adapt their business models.

Suspicions that people may have about DD, outsourcing and open source must be understood in order for companies to react appropriately to perceived risks associated with new ways of working and new tool environments.

Strategies for how to successfully address Distributed and OSS Development must be identified and realised by management and other employees within companies. These can only come from sharing both good and bad experiences from DD and OSS.




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