WSN Testbed Project

WSN Summer Project 2008

Project Media
2008-07-29 Video of first-cut demonstrator
2008-07-16 Video of the sensor setup

Project Artifacts
- Wiki:

- SVN access:

Demonstrator application
Report: "Extending Berkeley DB for DeeDS Functionalities"

Project Information
Project presentation PPT (2008-05-14)
Project description MS-Word (2008-06-15)
Welcome and Introduction PPT (2008-06-07)
Current list of equipment
Presentation of WSN testbed equipment

Related Publications
Euromicro RTS 2007, ViFuR-ASN (WiP paper) 
SENSORCOMM08, ViFuR-ASN (Conference paper) 
SWIFT2008, "Exploring a Multi-Tiered Whiteboard.."

"PRiDe" replication protocol for consistency management
  (PhD Thesis by Sanny Syberfeldt)
"pPRiDe" replication protocol for partitioned node reconsiliation
  (MSc Thesis by Johan Olby)

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Maps and Places
Skövde POI/map
"Stugor" on the mountain


Leo: In Sweden 6 July -> 19 July
Woochul: In Sweden 6 July -> 9 Aug


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