Testing of Event-Triggered Real-timE Systems

The current industry practice for testing of concurrent real-time applications is often based on case-specific ad-hoc techniques. At the same time, real-time systems are often employed in environments where their correctness is of great importance, which would necessitate a rigorous approach to testing. Within the TETReS project we aim to evaluate and/or develop methods, tools and theory supporting rigorous testing of reliable and timely real-time systems.  In particular, we focus our effort on dynamic real-time systems where the behavior of the systems environment cannot be completely predicted at design-time and where there is a mix of critical and non-critical real-time tasks. For example, flexible control-applications and transaction processing in real-time environments (such as in real-time databases).

TETReS is a project within the Distributed Real-Time Systems research group.

Uppdaterad: 2009-01-19
Sidansvarig: DRTS-gruppen