The Distributed Real-Time Systems Research Group

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The group is carrying out research in the area of distributed real-time systems and especially distributed real-time database systems and timeliness testing of event-triggered real-time systems. The objectives of the Distributed Real-Time Systems research group is to study and solve the special synchronization, communication, and dynamic scheduling problems that appear in complex distributed real-time systems. In particular we study real-time database systems with soft, firm and hard deadlines, reactive mechanisms and event monitoring, as well as software timeliness testing based on techniques developed in this area.

Recent activities involve the investigation of how to use features from our real-time database prototype DeeDS in the infrastructure for supporting distributed information fusion systems. A Wireless Sensor Network testbed is also being built. Several members of the research group participate in the National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS).

The Distributed Real-Time Systems Research Group consists ofthe following members:

ProfessorSten F. AndlerContact
Visiting professorJeff OffuttContact
Visiting professorSang H SonContact
Post docRonnie Johansson Contact
PhDJonas MellinContact
PhDSanny SyberfeldtContact
PhDBirgitta LindströmContact
PhDGunnar MathiasonContact
PhD studentMarcus BrohedeContact
PhDAlexander KarlssonContact
PhD studentAnders ErikssonContact

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