Funded research projects


The Information Fusion Research Program (Infofusion )

PI: Sten F. Andler
Funding agency: The Swedish Knowledge Foundation "Information Fusion from Databases, Sensors, and Simulations"
Approximate total budget: MSEK 36 (with matching contributions MSEK 120)
Academic partners: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), The German Defence Research Establishment (FGAN-FKIE), The Center for Multi-Source Information Fusion (CMIF) at University of Buffalo.
Industrial partners: AgroVäst, Atlas Copco Tools, Cellartis, Delfoi, Electrolux, Enea Software, Enea Systems, Euromaint Industry, Exensor Technology, ICA Sweden, InNetics, Lexware Labs, Saab Microwave Systems, Volvo Powertrain
Time period: 2005-2011


National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
The DRTS groups has been a member of CUGS since 2001.
PI: Sten F. Andler
Funding agency: The Swedish Government / Linköping University
Approximate total budget: MSEK 7.3 (3 module grants)
Academic partners: Linköping University, Lund University, Mälardalen University, University of Skövde, Växjö University, Örebro University
Industrial partners:I None
Time period: 2002 – 2009


FLEXCON - Flexible Embedded Control Systems
PI: Sten F. Andler
Funding agency: SSF
Approximate total budget: MSEK 10
Academic partners: Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Mälardalen University, University of Skövde
Industrial partners: ABB Automation Products Technology (Malmö/Västerås), ABB Robotics (Västerås), Enea Systems
Time period: 2003-2006


Infrastructure for Information Fusion (StrucFus)
PI: Jonas Mellin
Funding agency: VR/Sida
Approximate budget: KSEK 450
Academic partners: University of Skövde, Hong Kong Baptist University, University of Wuhan, IIT Bombay
Industrial partners: None
Time period: 2008-2010


Wireless Sensor Network Collaboration Projects for Information Fusion
PI: Gunnar Mathiason
Funding agency: University of Skövde
Approximate total budget: KSEK 245
Academic partners: University of Latvia, Riga
Industrial partners: Exensor Technology, SLU/AgroVäst, Saab Microwave Systems
Time period: 2007-2008

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