Media, Technology and Culture (MTEC)

The purpose of the research group is to study communication and its forms in new media. The term ‘new media’ can be used to describe an emerging method of communication, and/or refer to media that has redefined our consumption of media.

New media often adds dimensions to narrative, giving us more possibilities of expression. The Internet and computer games are generally thought of as modern day examples of the phenomenon. In order to examine new media, aspects of both technological and social interaction have to be considered. More and faster ways of communicating does not only alter the amount of information available or increase flexibility in ways to connect, it also changes what is being communicated. Research in this area can include creating, identifying or obtaining new understanding of communication and narrative.

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Updated: 5/23/2013
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Research group leader

Stefan Ekman
Lektor i medier, estetik och berättande
Högskolan i Skövde

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