WP8: Demonstration and evaluation for fusion platform

Marcus Brohede, and Ronnie Johansson WP coordinators
Sten F Andler, George Fodor, Zakiruz Zaman

This work package focuses on collecting and integrating methods, data and algorithms invented, refined and used in the other work packages. The more recent and specific aim has been to develop a proof-of-concept prototype implementation that connects results (in terms of data/knowledge representation, fusion operators and visualization) from different parts of the UMIF project. The developed platform prototype we denote DEF, i.e., the Demonstration and Evaluation of Fusion platform, the proof-of-concept prototype with the extended name DEF(p).


1 Mar 2012 – 31 Dec 2013

WP Results & Status

  1. Generalize the DEF(p) platform to accomodate other applications (December 2013)
  2. Develop documentation and tutorial for the DEF(p) platform (September 2013)

Completed issues

  1. Implementing a demonstration and evaluation platform PoC (proof of concept), denoted the DEF(p) platform, which integrates results from three work packages. The DEF(p) is based on PtolemyII. (Completed May 2013)
  2. Present the DEF(p) platform to rest of UMIF project to get requirements on further applications of interest (Completed May 2013)
  3. Present the DEF(p) platform to the ISIF ETUR WG @FUSION 2013 (Completed July 2013)

Below, a conceptual view of the DEF platform is shown, indicating the different parts that should be selected by analysts and how to use it.


The figure below describes how the DEF(p) has been implemented.

Hence, we use the data from WP4 for tracking and classifying maneauvers, the fusion operators from WP1 to fuse classifications and the visualization tool from WP2 to show the resulting classification.

Research Question

This WP does not have any particular research question, its aim is to draft a platform for demonstrating and evaluating fusion algorithms.

Relevance to UMIF

WP8 connects different parts of different WPs. The DEF(p) demonstrates that the parts can cooperate.

Collaboration with Industry

No particular industry collaboration at the moment. Hopefully, companies will be interested in applying the DEF in future projects.

Collaboration with Academia

No particular academia collaboration at the moment, but we intend to show the DEF to the research community starting with the ISIF ETUR WG.

Publications and other Output

This WP has not been research oriented and has therefor not resulted in any articles. Instead, a prototype of the DEF platform has been developed. The DEF is supposed to be used for further application for funding.  Installation instructions and tutorial documentation should also be produced. <Post address to DEF webpage where it can be accessed, when available>.

Beyond UMIF

  • Improve the DEF(p) to consider a more realistic example
  • Generalize DEF(p) to accomodate other data, fusion operators, visualization and other comparisons
  • Make DEF(p) a basis for further applications for funding

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