WSN Testbed

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) play an increasingly more important role in surveillance and situation awareness systems. WSNs monitor parts of the environment, and need to provide timely alarms for any anomalies detected.  The Common Goals and Infrastructure project within the Information Fusion (IF) research program at University of Skövde, Sweden, aims at finding generic properties of infrastructures to be used for IF. Many IF applications rely on getting timely updates about the environment, with information used for time critical decisions. Typically infrastructures need to provide real-time guarantees, while distributing only the useful information, in a very large distributed system of more of less autonomous nodes.

To enable experiments with new IF algorithms and approaches, we are building up a WSN testbed for our IF lab. In collaboration with our industrial partners we will evaluate new IF based approaches for their business areas. This includes military vehicle recognition sensors (Exensor), surveillance situation awareness (SAAB), and soil monitoring for real-time precision agriculture (SLU/Agroväst).

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Uppdaterad: 2010-03-11
Sidansvarig: Marcus Brohede

Project Leader

Gunnar Mathiason

WSN Testbed 1: 2007-2007
WSN Testbed 2: 2008-2008

WSN Testbed 1: 45kkr
WSN Testbed 2: 200kkr