RAP: Information Fusion for Intelligence Analysis

Short link: http://www.his.se/infofusion/rap


The purpose of this PhD project is to investigate how new information fusion technology can be applied in the area of intelligence, intelligence analysis and surveillance in general. This involves research regarding computer scientific models and algorithms for automating and supporting the process of intelligence fusion, intelligence analysis and surveillance.

The aim with the research is to provide new technology and tools that can be further developed by the company into products for aiding human intelligence analysts in operational contexts, in particular military and paramilitary intelligence at tactical and operational level.

About RAP

The Research School in Intelligent Systems for Robotics, Automation and Process Control (RAP) provides multi-disciplinary graduate education in the area of intelligent systems in close co-operation with four Swedish universities:

    * Örebro Universitet (ÖU), AASS
      Contact: Prof. Dimiter Driankov
    * Högskolan i Halmstad (HH), Intelligent Systems Lab
      Contact: Prof. Antanas Verikas
    * Mälardalens Högskola (MdH), Robotic Center
      Contact: Prof. Christer Norström
    * Högskolan i Skövde (HiS), Center for Intelligent Automation
      Contact: Prof. Leo J De Vin

RAP accommodates both non-industrial (doktorander) and industrial graduate students (industridoktorander) by providing a unified curriculum for both types of graduate students. The Knowledge Foundation (KKS) stands for a 5-year 21.6 MSEK funding for the purpose of enrolling 13 industrial graduate students. The objective is via a well-focused effort on education, industrial co-operation and research to strengthen the competitive position of Swedish industry in the areas of robotics, automation and process control by building up companies' in-house competence in intelligent systems. A particular benefit for both industry and academia is that RAP graduate studies provide for the unification of Sensors/Measurement, Control and Computer Science/Engineering technologies into an interdisciplinary continuum - a unification which is sadly lacking today, to the growing discontent of industry.

RAP takes into account the fact that the largest part its graduate students will pursue further career in industry and puts a focus on their future-career development already at the beginning of their studies via the use of industrial mentors.

Another focus is placed on the transfer of research results to industry via the selection of Ph.D. theses themes that reflect the next-generation-of-products needs of the industrial partners. Yet another focus is on the transfer of future industrial needs to the academic partners as means for road mapping of future research.

Uppdaterad: 2010-03-11
Sidansvarig: Marcus Brohede

Project Leader

Göran Falkman

Years: 2008-2011

Funding: 1800kkr