Information Fusion for Energy Efficiency.

There are many sources of information about the actual usage of energy and electricity. With automatic metering for electricity usage being installed in many countries, there is now a rich source of information available about a large part of all energy used.

The efficient usage of energy has a potential of reducing the amount of energy produced, reducing CO2 and other pollutions, while the electricity grid is used more optimally. EU has a "20-20-20" target to reduce the energy usage by 20 % before year 2020: 20% less green house emissions, 20% better energy efficiency,  and 20% share of renewable energy sources in use.

This project aims to use information fusion technology to find efficiency improvements and to reduce the losses of energy. With such technology there is a potential to find opportunities for both change of behavior and for losses in distribution.

Prestudies, in progress:

  • Data modelling.
    Extracting usage profiles from hourly energy usage measurements.
    Description | Application (in swedish)
  • Data collection.
    Preparing for real-time usage of energy usage data, collected on an hourly basis.
    Description | Application (in swedish)

Current project proposals, in development (summary in english):

Envolve focuses on research in four main areas for sub projects:

  • Enlight: Automatically analyze and give advice to end users of how to improve own energy usage and their environmental profile. Sub project Enlight uses hourly data from electricity meters with other sensors, to derive user profiles for a better understanding of behaviour and for input to active change of energy usage.
  • Engage: Next generation of energy users are typically very little interrested in how own actions influence the overall cost of energi production and the influence on the environment. Sub project Engage uses game technology, paired with information fusion and sensor data collection, for an interactive game situation to engage for efficient energy usage.
  • AMMend: To better understand how the electricity network is used and the state of it, and where bottlenecks and limitations reside, we integrate electricity meter sensors with other sensors in the network. With the AMMend sub project, the network can be evaluated both by simulation and by integration of true live data from the network. This new knowledge is used for network design and for intelligent support to the customers from network owners.
  • Aware: The new knowledge derived from energy usage behavoir and from recognized unexpected behavior has a potential to be used for the safety in the society. The police, the fire brigade and the home care services may benefit from knowledge about unexpected behavior, to take actions in time and to prevent unwanted situations.



Uppdaterad: 2010-09-15
Sidansvarig: Marcus Brohede

Project Leader

Gunnar Mathiason





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