Fall IFAB 2007

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Agenda for IFAB meeting

24October 2007, 8.30-15.00

08.30-10.00Administration Bldg,
2nd floor Conf. Room
Evaluation Report,
Comments from IFAB
University President
10.00-10.30G316/G318CoffeeIFAB, All IF Researchers
10.30-11.00G316/G318Tuwe Löfström (rs),
"Empirically Investigating the Importance of Diversity"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
11.00-11.30G316/G318Maria Nilsson (cgi),
"Information Fusion: a decision support perspective"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
11.30-12.00G316/G318Maria Riveiro (gsa),
"Evaluation of Uncertainty Visualization Techniques for Information Fusion"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
12.00-13.00Administration Bldg,
2nd floor Conf. Room
Program Director,
University President
13.00-13.30G316/G318Jane Synnergren (bio),
"Mapping of the JDL Data Fusion Model to Bioinformatics"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
13.30-14.00G316/G318Beatrice Ahlenjung (sd),
"Investigating the decision situation: A generic framework"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
14.00-14.30G316/G318Simon Wetterlind (pa),
"Population dynamics of Rhopalosiphum padi, climate change and the future of forecasting"
IFAB, All IF Researchers
14.30-15.00G316/G318CoffeeIFAB, All IF researchers

The early morning agenda will focus on the evaluation report and in particular how the executive committee plans to address the areas for improvement that were found by evaluation. There will also be some discussion concerning future projects within the information fusion program.

The late morning and the afternoon sessions focus on presentations by PhD students of the technical content and progress in projects of various scenarios.

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